Presented by Katrina Kibben Jan 15th @ 9 AM PST


Personalizing Your Recruitment Automation:

A How-To Webinar

All the fancy new automation comes with standard copy - but is working at your company a standard experience? Do candidates want to come to a job that’s “just average”? 

Not in this economy. You want to be Uncommon. 

(Get it? Ok ok, keep reading. This one is worth it) 

Here’s the reality: That standard-cutter message that’s built into your automation is falling flat. 

So how do you keep automation personalized? How do you make candidates feel something even when the machine is doing the talking?

In this how-to webinar, we’ll break down how you can make your candidates love talking to you (even if they’re talking to a machine). 

What you'll learn:

  • A reality check on AI and where automation is really happening today (not just the dreamy scenarios)
  • We’ll take a look at the hiring process and key elements where we should and definitely should not be automating
  • Tools that can make automation easy and seamless - some of the names you know and some low to no-cost options that will make you look like a hacker
  • How candidate data influences what you automate with examples of text messaging, eMail and job ads that you can use as templates for improving your response rate
  • A real-world example in real-time, as Katrina customizes automation in real-time on the Uncommon platform. 

Ready to scale your candidate outreach in a personalized and effective way?

Katrina Kibben is the founder and CEO of Three Ears Media. She has extensive experience developing strategy for HR technology vendors and recruiting teams of all sizes. Her work with companies to refine their story-telling and messages has helped new and established companies build their market reputation and attract quality candidates. She is also an accomplished writer and speaker, having been featured on sites like, The Chicago Tribune, and SHRM.  

About Katrina:

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